Top 15 Trends to keep an eye out in madtech

Trends are a signal that our business’ radar must pay attention to when planning the future of our company, here are the 15 most important digital changes for this 2021:

  1. Increase focus on data privacy issues
  2. Value-based messaging will gain prominence in customer communications
  3. Madtech spending will increase to drive personalization
  4. Smaller analytics players will move toward a single source of data
  5. Customer intent signals on search and web will be the biggest areas of opportunity
  6. Brands and publishers will invest in identity frameworks that use First-Party Data
  7. Contextual targeting will pick up its place as a Privacy-Safe solution
  8. CISOs and CMOs will collaborate increasingly to manage the proper use of Customer Data
  9. Digital Advertising will be the growth driver for small and medium-sized companies
  10. Intent-to-Purchase cycle will be priority to extend Customer Reach
  11. Martech Platforms and Data Apps will support customer experience and mobile experiences
  12. Adoption of a Mobile-First Strategy will be needed to support Mobile users
  13. Data consolidation needs will create an “Open Marketing” approach 
  14. Investments in First-Party Data assets will fare well in a Cookie-Less World
  15. Interactive formats will connect customers and advertisers.

So, is your business ready for the latest in digital evolution?