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State of Programmatic: Latest Trends and Insights

In a constantly evolving field such as digital advertising in general and programmatic advertising in particular, it’s necessary to keep track of trends, launches and exciting new practices to come.

So let’s take a look at the latest trends and insights at the midpoint of 2024.

OTT and Connected TV (CTV) Boom:

Over the last few years, there has been a clear shift in consumer behaviour away from traditional television and towards streaming platforms, leading to a boom in the consumption of streaming platforms and, consequently, in the number of people using Over-The-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) this has opened up new opportunities for programmatic advertising (publishers, advertisers and ad tech companies).

We can say that latest trends and insights in this area will be:

  • According to IAB, digital video will overtake linear video in ad spend by 2024
  • New measurement methods with attention as a key metric for success.
  • Ability to target and reach specific audiences.
  • The emergence of artificial intelligence, from generating creative to using machine learning to deliver more personalized experiences or analyzing screen content in real time.

DOOH (Digital Out of Home)

DOOH will continue its trend of growth and innovation in technology with spectacular virtual and augmented reality formats, as well as real-time data integration, more captivating experiences.It also allows for more flexibility in campaign planning and execution.

Omnichannel Strategies – Media mix

Such an omni-channel experience is becoming increasingly accessible to brands, so that ads for a particular campaign or brand can be placed in the right places and at the right times to ensure consistency and maximize reach. So that it can work in a holistic way in the marketing mix omni-channel strategies as well as diversification and presence on multiple platforms is key to reaching varied audiences at different points in the consumer journey.

Programmatic advertising facilitates the integration of campaigns across multiple channels, delivering a consistent experience for consumers in an omni-channel environment.


Consumer concern about the environmental impact of their purchases is growing, and consumers are demanding more sustainable products and services.

We are seeing how large corporations or different big brands are becoming aware of carbon footprint reduction and zero emissions.Users value the fact that companies have ethical codes, and also in the long term.This is a challenge for many brands.

AI(Artificial intelligence)

The emergence of AI has transformed the advertising industry and revolutionized the technology landscape in the last year.And it has been increasingly integrated into campaign management as in most cases it saves time, is more efficient or creates more attractive products.

Programmatic advertising brings precision, efficiency and personalisation to these campaigns, allowing real-time adjustments to reach the right audiences and maximize return on investment.

In a sector as dynamic as programmatic advertising, new developments and trends are constantly arriving, but agility, innovation and ethics prevail, as always.

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